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13 July 2008 @ 12:59 am
El Presidente Comes of Age - Shane Cucow's 21st  

Theme: Black, Red and Leather


Who would have thought, who would have guessed that this boy is only 21? But yes, at last it has happened and I am finally approaching that most important date in any person's life - the time when I can drink and have sex anywhere in the world its legal for a queer alcoholic to do so!

There has been bits an pieces of info floating around the internets, so to make it easy I have set up a temp website with details for the event So for all the up to date info and details, go to:

The Official Website

In short:

Saturday 19th July - Sunday 20th July

Time: 5pm till Sunday

Theme: Red, Black & Leather

Venue: Big Gay Dorm

Dorm Rules: BYO Friends, BYO Booze, BYO Costume

Hope to see you there!

XX Cowboy