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Don't be Invisible on Valentines Day

Theres an inspirational new campaign in Perth for queer families. This Valentines Day the queer community in WA has organised a rally and festival in support of same-sex and gender diverse couples, thruples, families and other relationships.

Embedded is their promotional video - its worth a look! Website at

Unfortunately, some f@#%er has tagged this as offensive on Facebook, so we're all trying to get it out via any means we can. I encourage everyone who is inspired by this to pass it on and send the links out to their friends.

With love, rome_o

(apologies for cross-posting) 

Shane & Iz - PHUKET

What is Family?

Families For Freedom - A WA Community Initiative for Relationship Equality

In today's society, the word 'family' is used to marginalise, segregate and isolate people according to their particular types of relationship structures. Families For Freedom seeks to create a community based and online dialogue about what family actually means to todays community, towards the end of recognising all loving, supportive relationships equally.

F4F are holding two events in Perth in the coming weeks.

WA Community Forum on Relationship Recognition
The WA Community Forum invites representatives of all the significant political parties and community leaders in Western Australia to come and speak on Relationship Recognition. Lyn MacLaren from the Greens, and Jim Morrison fro Queers for Reconciliation have agreed to speak, and Labor, National and Liberal are currently still confirming their speakers.

When: Saturday 1st August, 2pm - 5pm
Where: University of Western Australia

Community Picnic & Support Day for Equal Relationship Recognition
This event, being held 3 days after the anniversary of the ban on same-sex marriage, is an opportunity for all WA families and community members to come out and show their support for all loving relationships being recognised equally under Australian law. Participants are encouraged to wear bright colours or to bring a rainbow umbrella, and will be treated to some light community entertainment on Cottesloe Foreshore.

When: Sunday 16th August, 11am - 2pm
Where: Cottesloe Foreshore

Tell Your Story - Families For Freedom Fim Project

F4F Invites all community members in and out of Australia to contribute video blogs and short films about what family means to them, to extend the online dialogue and to explore an issue that never gets the attention it is due. Lets reclaim 'family' from fundamentalist groups, and give it back the meaning of love and support it used to entail.


Faces For Freedom 4 Families For Freedom - A Freedom Centre Initiative

'Faces for Freedom' is a way of making a statement against homophobia, and for human rights in Australia!

It’s simply a series of photos of each of us holding a sign that makes a statement about anti-homophobia and our human rights.

Phase TWO of FFF is in support of Families 4 Freedom, the National Day of Action and relationship recognition regardless of gender!!


Shane & Iz - PHUKET

Yes! I am alive!

But more importantly, I needs a video camera for two weeks, to work on a film project in Canberra - can anyone help? *puppy eyes*

Its for this:

Shane & Iz - PHUKET

I hate angsty music vids, but...

John Barrowman's a singer now, and while its an angsty song, its actually quite good, the themes half decent, and he uses queer & straight couples.

Plus pretty, oh so pretty...

Will vid Capt'n Jack and Capt'n John Hart to this methinks...

the bondage and sodomy will begin moment

Shane Now Has A BlogSite!

So, I took the idea from my last post, an ran with it. Hard.

Instead of updating here more regularly, I have started my own BlogSite complete with detailed info on my projects, activism and dorm life, and more regular, more in depth posts than usual.

I will work on a way to link it into LJ as well, so nobody should miss out.

Check it out:

Because there IS stuff going on in my head, and the world should know.


Shane Update 08...3? I suck...

 Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimbel in the wabe...

Or something to that effect.

3 things:

1. My laptop dieded
Thinking of buying a MacBook and paying it off.
However, if anyone has spare laptops or stuff that can be played with, please let me know, and I will love you forever...

2. Big Gay Festival of Dionysus - THIS WEEKEND! 
Dorm Party Saturday from 8pm, themed Dionysus - Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll
Togas encouraged
Usual rules apply: BYO Booze, BYO Costume, BYO Friends

3. Should I start posting again?
I'm not sure if I can be bothered. But should people be given the opportunity to know whats going on in my head again? Or should I just let them go on assuming its full of busy and awesome? Which it is, obviously, but... well, you know...

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El Presidente Comes of Age - Shane Cucow's 21st

Theme: Black, Red and Leather

Who would have thought, who would have guessed that this boy is only 21? But yes, at last it has happened and I am finally approaching that most important date in any person's life - the time when I can drink and have sex anywhere in the world its legal for a queer alcoholic to do so!

There has been bits an pieces of info floating around the internets, so to make it easy I have set up a temp website with details for the event So for all the up to date info and details, go to:

The Official Website

In short:

Saturday 19th July - Sunday 20th July

Time: 5pm till Sunday

Theme: Red, Black & Leather

Venue: Big Gay Dorm

Dorm Rules: BYO Friends, BYO Booze, BYO Costume

Hope to see you there!

XX Cowboy

Shane & Iz - PHUKET

Upcoming Events You Should Obviously Be Attending

Dorm Party 087 - Mid Semester Bohemian Party
Friday 18th April
8pm Till its Over
@ The Big Gay Dorm

Same olde rules apply:
Dress Up (Google Bohemianism, Rent or Moulin Rouge)
BYO Booze (Pref Absinthe or Red Wine)
BYO Friends (More Friends = More People to Meet 4 Evry1)

SCAPE08 Launch Party
Thursday 24th April
4:30pm - 7:30pm
@ ECUBar, Building 9, Joondalup Campus
Edith Cowan University

Come to the launch Party of the new ECU Student Guild Program SCAPE08 (Social Cultural & Political Engagement 2008). The launch will have speeches by me and others, as well as free wine and refreshments, acoustics and entertainments. Please let me know if you're coming so I can cater appropriately.

X El Presidente
little boy destroy things


Gah! SCOWL!!!

All I can think about is the FUCKING guild! I can't sleep, have been tossing and turning for over an hour, and all I'm thinking about is fucking Guild stuff! ITS 5am AND I'VE HAD FUCKED UP SLEEP AND I HAVE TO GET UP AND GO GUILD IN AN HOUR! LET ME HAVE AN HOUR'S SLEEP!

i think I'm coming to understand your 5am insomniac rage at the world for sleeping blissfully.